Stakeholders’ Consultation

In preparation of the crafting of the Department of Agriculture Halal Food Industry Development Program Roadmap for 2017-2022, a series of stakeholders’ consultations were held last 2017. The consultation was spearheaded by Halal Program Management Office in coordination with the respective Regional Field Office counterparts. The aim of the program was to consult local stakeholders on a regional level with regard to their Halal-related community needs.

The target-setting activity focused on the HFIDP-related Major Final Outputs (MFOs). Among those that were discussed with the group were targets on Agriculture and Fishery Policy Services, Technical Support Services, Agri-Fishery Machinery, Equipment, and Facilities Support Services and Regulation Services. Aside from baseline data, other data were gathered from the group including their projected strategic goals, performance indicators, responsible agencies and physical targets per component.

Photo 1. Excerpt from the Accomplished Form of the Target Setting Discussion during Zamboanga City Consultation


With the responses rendered by the respective stakeholders, the consolidated output had been a huge leap in the finalization of the said ten-year Roadmap. The body was well-represented which facilitated a more effective consultation. Given the active involvement of the attending participants in all of the said activities, a fruitful consultation ensued. Healthy debates helped the body in coming up with suggestions and propositions as well as baseline data. The series of sessions were all successful in realizing its activity objective. The inputs made were then respectively incorporated in the DA- Halal Food Industry Development Program’s 10-year Roadmap of 2017-2027.

The first consultation was held at the Jardin De La Viña Hotel and Restaurant, Zamboanga City in coordination with the Department of Agriculture’s counterpart in Region IX on April 18, 2017. This activity catapulted the series of stakeholders’ consultations held in four more areas including Cotabato City (April 20, 2017), Davao City (April 26, 2017), Cebu City (April 25, 2017) and Manila (April 28, 2017).


Photo 2. Stakeholders’ Consultation in Zamboanga City