Halal Roadshow

            In recognition of the fast expanding global halal food market and the Department of Agriculture’s pivotal role in the country’s food and food related industries’ development, the Halal Food Industry Development program was created to promote and expand the Halal culture and science in the agriculture sector specifically facilitating relevant initiatives and advocacy programs that will help distinguish Halal Agri-fishery products from Haram, thereby increasing its market.

            In 2017, the Department of Agriculture-Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Service (DA-AMAS) in partnership with Department of Agriculture-Halal Program Management Office, conducted “Halal Roadshows” in Cebu City, Baguio City, Quezon City, Zamboanga City and Koronadal City in reference to a Special Order 956 Series of 2016 signed by Secretary Manny Piñol.

            The Roadshows intend to increase awareness of the stakeholders on Halal Standards and enabling regulations, promote Halal culture in the country, provide knowledge on Halal Certification, and familiarize the stakeholders on RA 10817, an act instituting the Philippine Halal Export Development and Promotion Program, creating for the purpose the Philippine halal export development and promotion board, and for other purposes.     

Topics discussed include the following: (1) The DA-Halal Food Industry Development Program (DA-HFIDP), (2) Understanding Halal; “Where Religion and Business Intersect”, (3) The Halal Food Industry Opportunity in the ASEAN Economic Community, (4) Republic Act 10817, The Philippine Halal Export Development and Promotion Act, (5) Philippine National Standards for Halal (Halal Agriculture and Fisheries Products, Halal Slaughtering Practice for Ruminants, Halal Slaughtering Practice for Poultry and Halal Feeds), (6) Steps on Halal Accreditation Systems and (7) The Meat Inspection Code of the Philippines; Establishing Halal Abattoir; Role of Local Government Units.

The series of roadshows were participated by Provincial, Municipal and City Veterinarians, agriculturists, representatives from academe and the local government units and private sectors. They have expressed their interest and strong support in promoting Halal programs such as, construction of Halal Slaughterhouse, Halal certification of local products and possible integration of halal standards in selected State Universities and Colleges in their respective areas. 


CEBU Roadshow












Zamboanga City Roadshow









Quezon City Roadshow







Baguio Roadshow


Koronadal Roadshow